For people held indefinitely in detention,
our Casework Team can be a lifeline.

People seeking asylum.
People desperate to reunite with their families.
People threatened with being torn from their homes in the UK. 

Last year, more than 15,000 people were held indefinitely in detention, cut off from family, friends and essential support.

Our Casework Service provides free information, practical advice and emotional support to people held in immigration detention.

Every year, our Casework staff and volunteers support hundreds of people in detention. They help them to know their rights and access the information, tools and services they urgently need. Right now, our Casework staff and volunteers are needed more than ever.

Every donation makes a difference.

  • £10 can pay for a monthly phone top-up to help a person in detention contact family, friends and legal advice

  • £20 can pay for 25 minutes of interpretation by phone, allowing us to provide practical and emotional support in someone's first language

  • £65 can pay for a clinical supervision session for three to four people

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